About this Site

About this Site

This site is (and will continue to be) a work in progress. If you have questions that aren't covered by pages on this site, or have problems using the site, please let us know, at rc-support@ucl.ac.uk, and we'll try to help.

The Wiki

This site is a wiki based on the same software as Wikipedia, and if you have UCL login credentials, you can log in using using your UCL userid and password if you click the + sign at the bottom of the screen. (We might change how users log in later.) We're not entirely sure which pages we're going to allow any UCL user to edit at the moment, but we'll aim to always keep the Discussion pages for each page (at Talk:Pagename) free for people to mention problems with existing pages.

Currently logged-in users should only be able to edit the Discussion pages (pages prefixed with Talk:), so, if you have feedback on a page, feel free to add it to the associated Discussion page, or add useful things about applications you've used to that application's page, or whatever you think would be helpful.

We can only know so much about all the applications and tools we maintain for our users, so your expertise is appreciated.

Editing Wiki Pages

Although adding content can be as simple as adding some text and saving your changes, MediaWiki has its own markup for formatting text and images on pages. For an introduction to how wikis work, visit http://www.mediawiki.org and learn the basics of wiki markup on their Help:Formatting page.