RC Systems User Guide
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RC Systems User Guide

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Contact & Support
For support for any of our services or for general advice and consultancy, email:

Experienced users may prefer our quick start guide or the quick reference sheet (PDF).

The pages below are intended to be as comprehensive as possible in helping users to deal with any issues they may encounter but if you feel there is anything missing from this section, feel free to send a request to rc-support@ucl.ac.uk.

RC Systems User Guide

Most of our systems are batch systems, so you must submit your code to the compute nodes to run it (or the user test nodes if you require interactive access). The login nodes are shared among all users - they can be used to compile your code, manage your files and submit your jobs.

Thomas information

We host Thomas, the UK National Tier 2 High Performance Computing Hub in Materials and Molecular Modelling.

Drop-in sessions

We are holding fortnightly drop-in sessions where you can come and speak to us in person - see RITS drop-in sessions for the dates and location. You can sign up to reminders on the RITS mailing list. If you work on a laptop, please bring it along.

"Introduction to HPC and HTC" course notes

You can view the course notes for "Introduction to High Performance & High Throughput Computing". These have some exercises to work through to help you get started.

Introduction to the Unix Shell may also be useful.

Courses we run can be seen at Research IT Training.

Application-specific information

If you are having problems running any of the software modules on our systems, have a look at the Software link above. Many programs have information pages and specific example scripts available.