Connecting to Research Data Services

Connecting to Research Data Services

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The Research Data Services group (RDS) run a number of systems designed to help with data storage during and after a project. Several solutions for copying data between RDS and each of the central UCL research computing platforms are presented below. Sections of the example code surrounded by angle brackets (<>) should be replaced by the information indicated (do not keep the angle brackets in).

Between Legion and RDS

If you already have an account with Research Data Services, you can transfer data directly between Legion and Research Data Storage using the Secure Copy (scp) command.

From RDS to Legion

If you are on a research data login node, you can transfer data to Legion’s Scratch area at the highest rate currently possible by running the command:

scp data_file.tgz

Or from somewhere within Legion (including compute nodes in running jobs) running the command:

scp ~/Scratch/

From Legion to RDS

From Legion, send data to your project space on RDS by running the command:

scp data_file.tgz <user_name><path_to_project_space>

The RDS support pages provide more information:

Between RDS and Emerald

From Emerald to RDS

Add the following to a file named ~/.ssh/config on Emerald:

ForwardAgent yes
ForwardX11 yes

Host rds
User <user name>
ProxyCommand ssh <user name> -W %h:%p

Where <user name> is your UCL user name. Once this is done use scp in the usual way to copy files directly from Emerald to RDS; e.g.:

scp data_file.tgz rds:<path_to_project_space>

From RDS to Emerald

Connections from RDS to Emerald do not have to go via a gateway, although access to Emerald is via ssh-key authentication only so it is necessary to set this up before copying data from RDS to Emerald. Once this is done, use scp in the usual way; e.g.:

scp data_file.tgz <user_name><target_path>

Where <user_name> is your Emerald user name.