Reporting problems

Reporting problems

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For support for any of our services or for general advice and consultancy, email:

Reporting a problem with an RC Systems service

RC Systems' support process is based around a ticketing system. To submit a ticket please send an e-mail to

In order to help our support team deal with your ticket efficiently, please ensure the following is the case:

  1. You have a clear description of your problem. This should include:
    • Which system you are using (Legion, Grace, Aristotle etc).
    • What you were doing when you got the error.
    • What the error was (including a copy of the exact error message on the email body or a relevant extract).
    • Job IDs, job scripts and job output/error files if relevant.
  2. Please avoid creating duplicate tickets. If you are following up on an existing problem, please reply to a response from the ticketing system (or at least a message with the ticket ID in the subject) for the original ticket. This way our support staff will be able to see a complete history of your problem, and it is considerably more likely that your issue will be dealt with by a member of staff who is familiar with the history of your problem.

Reporting a problem with Emerald

Emerald is supported by the Centre for Innovation consortium. To request support or report a problem with these services please send an email to for Emerald.

Please include a clear description of your problem, as described above, in order to help the team deal with your ticket efficiently.